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2017.02.20 NEWS. Exhibition space of Thermotec2017 has been fully booked. For further information, please contact Thermotec show management office.

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Taro Kobayashi, June 2016 Chairman of Japan Industrial Furnace Manufacturers Association(JIFMA)

In recent years, China’s economic growth, which was leading the global economy, has slowed down. This has resulted in driving many Japanese companies to advance into the Southeastern markets at an accelerated pace seeking for “China Plus One”. Although the "One" can be Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia or other countries depending on companies, we will see more diverse destinations in the region.   In addition, the IoT will make the world smaller and smaller. The Internet can connect everything worldwide. Soon this will make it possible to provide the "Japan Quality" to all over the world no matter where the production sites are.

Which role should the Japanese industrial furnace industry play under these circumstances?

We should lead the world with our exquisite manufacturing technologies such as energy saving, safety, operability, and so on. Japan Industrial Furnace Manufacturers Association has been making great effort to incorporate such technologies into global standards. We believe that this exhibition is an excellent opportunity for us to this end.

The Thermotec exhibition commemorates its seventh anniversary in 2017, increasing its name recognition in the world. Under the theme of “Thermal Technologies for the Environment and Future”, information on the state-of-art technology for industrial furnaces and associated equipment will be globally transmitted from the exhibition venue. Thermotec will also aim to contribute to creating business opportunities for exhibitors as a site of interaction among suppliers, users, and researchers.   

Lastly, we sincerely encourage every exhibitors and visitors to participate and cooperate in this Thermotec 2017. Your kind understanding and support for objectives of the exhibition would be greatly appreciated.